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Sip the Sublime, Dazzle in Style

We founded Paper Crane Coffee Roasters with a clear mission: to provide an immaculately curated coffee experience. Here you can expect only the highest quality, single-origin, completely unique, roasted coffee. Our roasts will change each season, reflecting our desire to source and provide only the best coffee we can find from around the world. 

Each of our roasts is carefully crafted with you in mind. This is a small operation, so please do reach out to us with any questions, complaints, suggestions, or hot gossip at We would love to hear from you!

One of our cofounders is a Latino disabled Iraq war veteran (who also happens to be a returned Peace Corps volunteer and a biological engineer). We believe that Black Lives Matter and LGBTQIA+ rights are vitally important.  We care very much about supporting other small businesses whose beliefs are aligned with ours. Please reach out if you're interested in finding ways to connect and collaborate!


Come on a journey with us into the decadent and extravagant empire of Paper Crane Coffee Roasters

We’re so glad you’re here.

Get to Know Us (With Style)

In the illustrious world of premium caffeinated delights, there exists a man of unparalleled vision and formidable prowess - our dauntless founder. Rising phoenix-like from humble beginnings, he has soared above the highest peaks of expectations. Equipped with nothing more than dreams in an unknown cosmos, and a treasure trove of limitless resources, he single-handedly birthed this empire, unfettered by the constraints of mortal aid.

Here, at the warm hearth of Paper Crane Coffee Roasters, he invites you to indulge in his celestial realm. Each cup is an interlude to the divine, a symphony of flavour intricately curated, and a testament to the unyielding dedication that forms the bedrock of his existence.

​But lo and behold, his talents don't just percolate within the realm of aromatic brews. His sartorial elegance rivals the couturiers of Paris, earning him the crown of 'Fashion Icon'. A double threat of delightful roasts and dashing waistcoats, he is the embodiment of flamboyance and panache, making him the Coffee Roaster Extraordinaire, the fashion trendsetter, the maestro of Paper Crane Coffee Roasters.

At the very heart of Paper Crane, you'll find an intricate tapestry of figures. I, The Emperor, reign supreme, weaving the threads of our grand narrative alongside a committed board of fuzzy directors.


Yet, from the shadows, an Empress emerges. This luminary figure provides not only guidance but also a balancing hand to the Emperor's rule, directing his actions, nurturing our empire, and safeguarding the prosperity of Paper Crane from the potentially ruinous whims of a Fashion Icon. Her wisdom is the compass that steers our journey, her grace the wind that propels us. This is our Empress, our guiding light in the chaotic world of coffee enterprise.

Experience a world where celestial brews and earthly fashion collide, painting a canvas as bold and dynamic as the man himself. Immerse yourself in the dramatic symphony of divinity, one electrifying sip and dazzling style statement at a time!

The Emperor

Eli McPherson

Yes, That Emperor. Our beloved CEO. The one referenced in the previous "about" section. Behold the glory of The Banana Shirt.


The Empress

Marina Long

Our fearless COO. Meet the woman some call "gentle, but strangely intimidating" and "why is she so tall? What secrets is she hiding up there? And - most importantly - do they explain why the coffee is so good?"

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