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Pour Over

The Grinder*

The grinder is key to this whole operation. blade grinders will not do. To start we recommend Shelling out and buying the Biratza Encore. It's 150usd, but it may be the last grinder you buy. and can be used for even the most advanced levels of coffee grinding. It will provide the base for everything else.

The Kettle

The kettle isn't strictly necessary, but will improve quality and consistency in the cup, as well as ease of workflow. I recommend the Fellow Stagg. It design and pour are excellent for what it is. and what it is, as a convenient kettle that can pour into a pour over nicely and keep a constant temperature.

The Water

While this can be the last thing to buy, its also an important factor for diving deep, but can be left as the last upgrade. I recommend NOT a britta filter but something much more powerful like any of the offerings from Zero Water in combination with salts from Third Wave Water.

The Dripper*

While I prefer a different dripper, the Hario v60 has excellent drippers for less than half the price of the what I consider terminal drippers. At $40 for a full startup set, the price can't be beat.

The Scale

If you try hard enough, maybe you dont need a scale. But it's super nice. A scale the reads down to 1 gram is minimum, but one that reads to 0.1g is prime. I recommend, if you're going to want a nice one, and the Timemore Black Mirror is the one.

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